Apple's iAd service to debut next week in Europe

Unilever expected to deliver the Lynx effect

Apple's iAd service to debut next week in Europe
Revealed as one of 12 major companies - alongside the likes of Renault, Louis Vuitton, and Evian – to be part of the European launch of Apple’s iAd service, Unilever is set to debut its campaign next week.

The UK and French markets should be the first in the region to encounter the Lynx effect, as Unilever promotes its new Excite range of products on iOS devices.

Roll on and roll out

Whilst Apple’s mobile advertising network has been integrated into apps over the other side of the Atlantic since July, iOS customers in Europe will finally get a chance to sample the “immersive iAd experience” via the Excite promotion.

Users will be able to watch the Lynx Excite TV advert, download wallpapers of “Lynx angels”, and purchase the accompanying theme song ‘Sexy Boys’ all from within the app.

"Lynx is always looking for new opportunities to engage with its audience in an innovative and creative way," said Lynx brand manager Selina Sykes.

"As the digital age is upon us, iAd is the best platform for us to launch this new variant Excite to reach our target market.”

Leaving a Legacy

And on the subject of iAds, a brand new advertisement for the Disney film TRON Legacy marked another milestone for the six-month old service, becoming the first of its kind to feature on iPad.

Limited to US customers for the moment, the full-screen iPad ad for the sci-fi blockbuster boasts nearly ten minutes of video, still images from the movie, a list of theatre showtimes, and a preview of Daft Punk’s soundtrack.

A wider launch of iAds for iPad is expected early next year, presumably around the same time as the network goes live in Japan.

[source: Apple Insider]

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