Mark Rein slams App Store sale culture: We'll add value, not drop prices

Infinity Blade won't be on sale. Will be more awesome

Mark Rein slams App Store sale culture: We'll add value, not drop prices
In an App Store week that's been characterised by some amazing premium releases and some mass price cutting, Epic Game's vice president Mark Rein - as is often the case - has provided the punchy conclusion to an otherwise knotty problem.

"Folks we are NOT going to screw the folks who bought Infinity Blade at $5.99 by dropping the [price] only a few weeks after we ship!" he tweeted.

"We're going to bring you some awesome new FREE content that ADDS TO THE VALUE you've already spent on the game...." [2]

"Some of this has already been submitted to Apple and will arrive next week with more in the new year!" [3]

We're worth it

Of course, with Infinity Blade already one of the best reviewed and financially most successful iOS games of 2010, Rein's already established on the moral high ground.

Yet, with EA's aggressive - and increasingly desperate looking 99c sale - to the fore, it's significant that one company is happy to say it will stick to a strong pricepoint and look for new sales at that price by backing it up with content that will include new levels and a multiplayer mode.
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