Gamevil buys Korean rhythm action developer RYUminus

Musical RPG to follow?

Gamevil buys Korean rhythm action developer RYUminus
Gamevil’s been one of the Android success stories of 2010, with Zenonia and Baseball Superstars 2011 scoring well in critical polls and sales charts alike.

Now it appears to be expanding into the realm of publishing for 2011, with the recent acquisition of Korean independent Android developer RYUminus.

RYUminus is responsible for the music performance simulation game TouchMix, which has been a massive hit in its domestic market.

The game follows a similar path to rhythm action games such as Dance Dance Revolution, with the player matching the beat of lively K-pop ditties.

Buy to the beat

Gamevil’s PR blurb explains the acquisition thus:

"We're excited to bring aboard TouchMix, which has been squarely at number one in the rhythm game genre on the carrier Android stores in Korea." said Yong Kuk Lee, Gamevil's CFO.

"Going forward, Gamevil hopes to make its mark not only as first party publishing but also as publishers of excellent external games."

Head on over to TouchMix's Android Market page and you'll be greeted with the following message:

"All licenses and rights of TouchMix has been transferred to Gamevil Inc., and current version of TouchMix will be updated throughout a new title under Gamevil's control."

Considering Gamevil's proclivity for adding RPG elements to seemingly unrelated genres, can we expect the birth of the RARPG (rhythm action role playing game) in 2011?

Here's hoping.

[source: Droid Gamers]

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