CES 2011: More than 20,000 studios bringing 100 new apps a day to Windows Phone 7

Ballmer claims platform is set for huge 2011

CES 2011: More than 20,000 studios bringing 100 new apps a day to Windows Phone 7
Given Microsoft seems unable to wow the press and public alike with news of Windows Phone 7's shipments to date, its approach to pushing the platform at CES 2011 has centred around bigging up the platform's potential.

The idea that Windows Phone 7 is set for big things over the course of the next 12 months is, of course, partly aided by continued speculation surrounding the apparent wave of updates headed its way in 2011.

However, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's claim that the format now has the support of 20,000 developers – up from its last public tally of 15,000 back at the end of November – suggests Windows Marketplace is also moving forward at a pace.

The numbers game

"When people see the phone, they fall in love with it," Ballmer added on stage at CES 2011.

"Nine out of ten customers say they'd recommend the phone. The reaction to the product has been great. We launched nine phones across…30 countries."

The support of 20,000 developers has already translated to an acceleration in the number of apps hitting Windows Marketplace, Ballmer claimed, with the platform's daily tally now sitting at 100.

"Our customers get access to more than 100 new applications every 24 hours. More than 20,000 developers are keeping the pipeline full," Ballmer confirmed.

Indeed, Windows Phone 7's supposed potential is slowly translating into solid developer support.

Within hours of Ballmer's speech, Konami revealed a bespoke version of PES 2011 is Windows Phone 7 bound, with Microsoft's own in-house projects - notably in the form of Fable: Coin Golf, also announced today - further proving his point.

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