Nintendo 3DS eShop will be ready for launch

But you'll have to download it

Nintendo 3DS eShop will be ready for launch
The revelation by Nintendo Europe president Saturo Shibata that 3DS's digital marketplace – Nintendo's eShop – would not be ready for the handheld's launch during the firm's big press conference in Amsterdam was a strange admission.

In the midst of an event designed to say just what the handheld can do, Shibata took time out to spell out what it can't.

Shibata went on to say that eShop - and the bevvy of DSiWare, Game Boy and Game Boy Color software that will come with it - would be added to the platform's roster at a later date via a firmware update.

Failure to launch?

In what can only be described as a confusing U-turn, however, Nintendo has since released a statement claiming eShop – or eStore as it's now being referred - will indeed be ready for day one on March 25, dismissing stories suggesting it would be late to the party.

The twist is that the marketplace will be added via a firmware update which will take place on launch day.

This suggests Nintendo is still working on its digital distribution system and doesn't want this delay to get in the way of the production and distribution of the physical devices. 

Still, it does underline that Nintendo has been the least successful of the console manufacturers in terms of encouraging consumers to download content.

Both the WiiWare and DSiWare stores have been relative failures, and getting 3DS owners to connect to the internet to gain the functionality doesn't suggest Nintendo's attitude has radically changed. 

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