Google to roll out in-app payment system on Android Market in Q1 2011

Platform manager Chu not happy with current app sales

Google to roll out in-app payment system on Android Market in Q1 2011
Developers have repeatedly spoke of the problems the pre-eminence free apps have on Android Market is having on studios attempting to sell their wares on the marketplace.

Now it appears Google is concerned, too.

The argument is, the abundance of free releases creates a culture of consumers expecting almost all apps on the platform to be free – at least at the point of download.

Purchasing powerIn-app purchases, of course, offer a way around this, so it's no surprise to hear platform manager Eric Chu table the roll out of a first party in-app payment solution in Q1 2011.

As detailed by Forbes, Chu told those at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco that he's disappointed in the number of apps currently being purchases on Android Market. As a result, an in-app payment system will launch imminently, enabling developers on the platform to foster revenue from virtual goods and currency.

Google has already experimented with payment systems on the marketplace of late. In December, carrier billing for AT&T customers was added to Android Market's roster, with Chu claiming support for customers on further operators will also be added in the coming months.

Chu also stated that app discovery is a key issue on Android at the moment, claiming Google will continue to tune the Market ranking algorithm in 2011.

[source: Forbes]

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