InMobi's World Developer Fund serves 3 billion ads in 6 months

$2 million strong venture comes to a close

InMobi's World Developer Fund serves 3 billion ads in 6 months
Six months on from its unveiling, InMobi's $2 million world developer fund has come to a close, having served 3 billion ads over the course of its lifetime.

The fund was designed to attract studios to InMobi's network by offering them 100 percent of the revenue generated by the ads until the fund's $2 million had drained dry.

Success storyNaturally, InMobi is keen to hail the venture a success, claiming it accounted for 25 percent of the network's total smartphone performance throughout December.

It also helped drive 1.8 billion app impressions monthly across both iOS and Android.

"Results from the World Developer Fund provide a clear indication of the global opportunity in mobile," said VP of marketing and research at InMobi, James Lamberti.

"While 40 percent of the impressions were served in the US, the remaining 60 percent and majority went into Europe and Asia. Helping developers capitalise on this global opportunity is what our World Developer Fund was really all about."

Fantastic Froggy

InMobi claims developers themselves saw the benefit too, delivering $1 eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) per app on average.

Back in October, InMobi revealed Invictus Games' Froggy Jump had seen its eCPM leap to $5.99.

"We will continue to invest in the global developer community in 2011," Lamberti concluded.

Further details on the World Developer Fund can be found on InMobi's blog.

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