EA cuts the prices of 27 iOS games to 99c in 'i love 99c' sale

Down in the US until February 9

EA cuts the prices of 27 iOS games to 99c in 'i love 99c' sale
Is there really anyone in America who hasn't yet bought all the 99c EA Mobile games they wanted in the company's previous Christmas and Labor Day sales?

Apparently not, because the publisher is back to its usual tricks, slashing the prices of 27 iPhone and iPad games down to 99c on the US App Store, for the next 48 hours at least.

It's calling this vaguely Valentine's themed move, the 'i love 99c' sale.

But it doesn't look like it's happening on other national markets however, making this a US-only affair of the heart.

Cash out or cash in?

Still, we can only assume this sort of activity is generating revenue for the company, even if it would also appear to devaluing its iOS catalog longterm.

The full list of available titles is as follows:


FIFA Soccer 10

Madden NFL 11

NCAA Football

NBA Elite 11

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Mirror's Edge

The Sims 3

Sims 3 World Adventures

The Sims 3 Ambitions

SimCity Deluxe

The Simpsons Arcade

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed Undercover

Reckless Racing

Cause of Death

Mass Effect Galaxy

The Game of Life




Monopoly World


Heroes Lore III



[source: EA]
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