THQ sells mobile wing THQ Wireless to ad firm 24MAS

But publisher retains control over iPhone output

THQ sells mobile wing THQ Wireless to ad firm 24MAS
It might initially seem like a rather complex acquisition, but the purchase of mobile games publisher THQ Wireless by 24MAS represents the perfect fit according to both firms.

The Swedish company, which has a hand in both app distribution and advertising, appears to want a role to play in every part of the mobile spectrum.

Mobile movementAs such, 24MAS claims it will continue to honour contracts to provide both THQ and third-party releases to carriers across the globe.

However, the publisher's output will also be able to reach new markets through 24MAS's own content distribution channels, making the combined company one of the largest carrier distribution networks in the world.

"The acquisition and ongoing partnership with THQ means 24MAS will have an unparalleled reach to many millions of potential customers globally, both via/for application and content distribution, as well as mobile advertising solutions," said 24MAS CEO Tero Turunen.

"THQ Wireless' operations provide a value-add in terms of reach, services and technology, combined with proven management, operational excellence and revenue growth potential."

Time-out for THQIn total, the purchase – which was completed for an undisclosed fee – gives 24MAS access to more than 80 countries, with major hubs in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

However, while the deal hands 24MAS ownership of THQ Wireless's catalogue of Android games, Mobile Entertainment reports THQ itself will retain control over its output on iPhone and other smartphone platforms – arguably the most lucrative markets for the firm.

Nevertheless, it does signify a retraction of THQ's operations in the mobile market, following a year of slowing sales, restructuring and studio closures.

[source: BusinessWire]

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