InMobi partners with Cooliris to bring 3D advertising to iPad

Splash planned at MWC 2011

InMobi partners with Cooliris to bring 3D advertising to iPad
While much focus has been cast of the effectiveness of mobile advertising of late, ad network InMobi has decided to take matters into its own hands by serving up a fresh platform designed to engage users in a new way.

Via a partnership with Cooliris, InMobi is set to launch technology designed to bring 3D advertising to iPad.

The new platform, which is due to be previewed at Mobile World Congress, has been tasked with making mobile ads a feature consumers are drawn to, rather than one they avoid.

Taking a closer look

The tactic is to make the ads so visually striking, they're almost impossible to ignore, adding '3D effect' content to what the firm describes as immersive and eye-catching banners that utilise new lighting, shading, and motion techniques.

In short, the ads use the device's accelerometer to tilt the image, giving an impression of a 3D banner that reacts to your movement.

"Today's banner and full screen advertising does not fully leverage the power of the iOS platform to create engaging, interactive experiences," said Cooliris CEO and co-founder Soujanya Bhumkar.

"Advertisers can now regard the ad unit as a full brand experience rather than a sizing constraint on messaging. This partnership gives users a new experience that makes brand ads engaging and memorable."

The first client set to sign up to the platform is Bang & Olufsen, which is set to make use of the ads to showcase its line up of electronics in the US.

A demo of the ads in action can be viewed on Coolaris' website.

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