PlayPhone rolls out $10 million strong marketing fund for social gaming devs

Cash injection to tempt new blood

PlayPhone rolls out $10 million strong marketing fund for social gaming devs
Given the prominence OpenFeint, Scoreloop et al already have when it comes to games networks on iOS and Android, mobile entertainment firm PlayPhone's decision to enter the fray back in October was a bold one.

However, with the firm having since unveiled a $10 million marketing fund to aid developers push their games to consumers, its position is now looking stronger.

Socially smarter

Its delivery is simple: any studio that registers for PlayPhone's developer program and has their game approved to join the firm's PlayPhone Social network can access a share of the fund to aid their marketing.

The firm also claims those on board can also access what it describes as 'proven marketing expertise' within PlayPhone itself, with the firm currently selling 20,000 titles to 1 billion mobile users across the globe.

In addition, PlayPhone has also launched an HTML5-powered mobile browser SDK to add to its set up on iOS and Android.

Developers can now add scores of web-based entertainment content into their social games, as well as new monetisation and billing solutions.


"We are one of the first in mobile social gaming to offer developers a development environment with mobile browser functionality supporting iOS and Android," said SVP and GM of PlayPhone Social, Anders Evju.

"We are looking to lower the barrier of entry by creating a cross-platform product for developing mobile social games, while still continuing to build better ways to monetise them."

Games launched on its network also benefit from regional branding, advertising, and community features specifically designed for 25 different territories.

[source: BusinessWire]

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