Capcom denies Smurf friction with Apple, welcomes change to in-app purchasing

Company responds to source stating Apple scoulded publisher

Capcom denies Smurf friction with Apple, welcomes change to in-app purchasing
Capcom has issued a statement in response to a report we posted detailing the communications between the publisher and Apple regarding in-app purchases in freemium title Smurfs' Village.

Conflicting with our source, Capcom denies the claim that Apple approached it about problems with parents complaining about excessive in-app purchases and requests for refunds.

"We are in frequent communication with Apple, and at no point have they expressed any displeasure to any representatives of Capcom Mobile in regards to our handling of in-app purchases within Smurfs’ Village," a company representative wrote.

Tweak the process

Our source also identified a discussion within Apple regarding a potential reduction in the length of time your password is stored on the device - a possible solution to minimising unwanted in-app purchases.

Capcom was quick to signal support for such a change.

"While we are unaware of any changes Apple may be planning to their 15 minute password window, we welcome any update that would minimise inadvertent in-app purchases and improve customers’ experience with our products," it said.

Capcom passed the buck - literally - to Apple when it comes to refunding accidental in-app purchases within Smurfs' Village or any of its other freemium titles though.

"If parents think their child may have purchased in-app content by accident, we recommend that they contact Apple for a refund," the publisher commented. 

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