Ten's plenty as Neon Play hits 10 million iOS downloads in 10 months

Firm racks up 5 free app chart toppers in the process

Ten's plenty as Neon Play hits 10 million iOS downloads in 10 months
Weeks after Paper Glider was named as Apple's ten billionth download on the App Store, the developer behind it has revealed that its own download tally has just surpassed ten million.

Funnily enough, Neon Play's announcement also comes ten months after the firm released its first title on iOS, with the numbers converging on what is an important milestone for the studio.

Your number's up

"It's weird how these things go sometimes but ten is definitely our magic number at the moment," said CEO Oli Christie.

"I'd like to say we've launched ten apps to fit with the pattern but we haven’t. We are on app number 15 at the moment and have just released a Royal Wedding app, our first departure from games."

Also spoiling the numbers game is the news that, of the titles Neon Play has released to date - Flick Football, Golf Putt Pro and Traffic Panic the most notable – five have managed to take top spot in the UK's free games chart.

On the app

Neon Play has also recently taken residence in Pocket Gamer's annual top 50 developers countdown, coming in at number 36.

"It's certainly been a hectic start to the year," added Christie.

"To know that so many people are enjoying our games is a great incentive for the team to continue working hard to create simple and fun apps in the future."

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