Epic's Mark Rein proclaims Infinity Blade a bigger hit than XBLA's Shadow Complex

iOS effort

Epic's Mark Rein proclaims Infinity Blade a bigger hit than XBLA's Shadow Complex
For those who have kept track of Infinity Blade since its debut, the suggestion that it might have bested the performance of Epic's XBLA effort Shadow Complex won't come as much of a surprise.

Indeed, Infinity Blade has been something of a record breaker since it launched on iOS, becoming the fastest game to clear $3 million gross according to estimates back in January.

Mobile matters

Hearing Epic VP Mark Rein confirm Infinity Blade's superiority – at least in terms of driving revenue – comes with added significance, however, if only because it further cements the studio's position as a mobile force.

Though the exact quote is sketchy, Joystiq reports Rein revealed Infinity Blade had been 'more successful' than fellow Chair Entertainment release Shadow Complex, which itself has amassed a scoreboard full of more than half a million players.

According to the report, Rein added that Infinity Blade had been "hugely successful" for the firm.

Unreal support

As a whole, Epic's enthusiasm for mobile has shown no bounds of late, with its transition from a studio solely focused on PC and console to one with a major role to play in the smartphone market triggered by Infinity Blade's success.

Most notably, the firm recently increased the revenue ceiling for its Unreal Engine for independent developers to $50,000, enabling more mobile studios to use the platform, having rolled out iOS support back in December.

"We realise that a lot of you are just started in the business so not having to pay royalties on your first $50,000 should help you get a financial footing toward building a quality game development business," Rein said at the time.

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