iPad 2 shipments could hit 15 million in first half of 2011

Launch month total to top 2 million

iPad 2 shipments could hit 15 million in first half of 2011
A sign of Apple's intentions for 'the year of iPad 2' – that's 2011's unofficial moniker, if you missed the wealth of buzz phrases used to cushion the tablet's unveiling – reports suggest shipments of the device could more than double the number the original iPad amassed in 2010.

According to DigiTimes, Taiwanese suppliers have reported that Q1 2011 shipments are likely to come in somewhere between 2 and 3 million units.

Surging shipments

"After producing 1.7-2 million units of the first-generation iPad in January, Apple began to phase out production of the old model in February, while beginning to roll out the iPad 2, according to component suppliers in Taiwan," DigiTimes reports.

"Shipments of iPad 2 are expected to top 2-3 million units in March."

However, Q2 2011 could see the numbers rise to anywhere between 10-12 million units, meaning total shipments for the first half of the year would equal the number of iPads Apple managed to ship throughout 2010.

As a result, Apple is on target to meet DigiTimes' year end total of 40 million units. Other analysts, however, expect to shipments to fall short of that particular figure, with 30 million believed to be a more realistic number.

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[source: AppleInsider]

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