Havok brings development tools to Xperia Play

Optimised for Sony Ericsson's gaming smartphone

Havok brings development tools to Xperia Play
Havok’s cross-platform physics and character animation technology has been powering some of the world’s best known console titles since 1998, including Uncharted 2, Epic Mickey, and Halo: Reach.

Only last month, the Dublin-headquarted outfit confirmed that its complete range of tools was ready for developers to implement on Sony’s NGP.

And now, the middleware specialist has announced the availability of its industry leading product suite to Android game makers, with a fully optimised build ready for the Xperia Play.

Havok to Play with

"As part of Havok’s overall support for the Android platform, we are very pleased to partner with Sony Ericsson to put the full power of the Havok product line into the hands of Xperia Play developers," said David Coghlan, Havok’s MD.

"We were extremely impressed by the performance of the Xperia Play and the ease with which we were able to port and optimise our technology to the platform."

Havok isn’t the first major game development platform to pledge its commitment to the Xperia Play, as Unity announced a partnership agreement with manufacturer Sony Ericsson at Mobile World Congress.

Significantly, the company is also planning a new business model that will see licensees pay up to 10 percent of their development budget rather than invoke a per seat or fixed revenue ceiling model as used by other tools companies. 

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