Opera claims having an app store more important than appeasing GetJar

But firm trying to anyway

Opera claims having an app store more important than appeasing GetJar
Given GetJar's reasons for blocking Opera Mini from its marketplace were fairly straightforward – the browser coming with a direct link to Opera's new Mobile Store – just what the two parties can be discussing to resolve the issue remains to be seen.

Yet that's exactly what Opera spokesperson Tor Odland has told mocoNews is going on.

According to the site, Odland said the two companies are "working to find solutions", though he admitted that one option might be culling the link to the firm's app store.

Priority politics

What makes the whole affair more interesting is the claim by GetJar’s CMO Patrick Mork that the two parties had engaged in discussions regarding Opera Mini's placing on GetJar months before Opera launched its app store.

As soon as it did, GetJar moved to remove Opera Mini from its platform, suggesting the previous talks weren't exactly fruitful.

Just how successful the latest discussions will be remains to be seen, though Odland's assertion that "having an app store is more important to us right now than being on GetJar" suggests they might not go all too well.

"If you compare it to the early days, we are doing more downloads from other sources than what GetJar provides to us," he concluded.

[source: mocoNews]

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