Gameview's Tap Jurassic hits 1 million downloads on iOS in 10 days

Studio's fastest growing game ever

Gameview's Tap Jurassic hits 1 million downloads on iOS in 10 days
When it comes to freemium, downloads are only half the battle. To get the revenue rolling, those who have picked up the game for free have to coaxed into parting with their cash in the midst of play.

By the same token, if the audience isn't there in the first place, making enough money to keep on rolling is a far harder task.

Reaching 1 million downloads in its first ten days is a significant milestone for Gameview Studio's latest title Tap Jurassic, therefore, especially as it comes after fellow release Tap Fish topped 10 million downloads of its own.

Tapping up the downloads

The game, which hands players the opportunity to build and manage a theme park populated by dinosaurs, has become Gameview's fastest selling game ever as a result, with the developer logging over 6 million play sessions to date.

On average, each player has logged in 3 times a day to check on the progress of their park.

"We are proud to bring our distinctive brand of social mobile games to the prehistoric era," said CEO Riz Virk.

"Anyone who's ever watched the movie Jurassic Park, or loved dinosaurs as a kid will enjoy Tap Jurassic. We wanted to create a game that would appeal to both kids and adults, so we're excited to see the user base pick up so quickly."

Gameview was purchased by social gaming giant DeNA back in September.

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