Banned from App Store and Android Market, iBoobs finds a home at MiKandi

Jiggle ladies' chests for IAP

Banned from App Store and Android Market, iBoobs finds a home at MiKandi
Apple's App Store is well known as a censorious place for edgy content, but Mystic Game Development's iBoobs - the "infamous chest shaking app" - has managed to get itself removed from Google's not-particularly-well-curated Android Market too.

Thankfully for those who want to spend their time playing with physics parameters as related to virtual ladies' chests, it's found a home on the world's leading adult app market MiKandi (pronounced MyCandy).

Gotta roll with it

We're been writing off-and-on about the Android adult app store for a couple of years now, as it's attempted to build a paid model in an ecosystem that is characterised by lots of free content - much like the mobile games industry.

According to MiKandi's co-founder, Jennifer McEwen, MiKandi is now generating over 500,000 app downloads per month.

To that extent, the adoption of iBoobs - a fairly juvenile if highly technical app -- Mystic provides character animation tools to console developers such as EA, Ubisoft, Sony Online etc -- - works in a similar way to Rovio launching Angry Birds Android on GetJar: a high profile release that will drive traffic.

Still, one of the key benefits offered by MiKandi is its own virtual currency, MiKandi Gold, which is in beta testing and required for any of the paid for apps available on the store. iBoobs costs 200 Gold, which works out as $2.22 on the baseline 450 Gold for $5 IAP.

"In the case of iBoobs, we hope this [MiKandi Gold] encourages new titillating in-app features," said McEwen, with a wink.

You can find MiKandi's web description of iBoobs here.  

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