Windows Phone 7 'NoDo' update begins staggered roll out to handsets

Carrier branded devices set for long wait

Windows Phone 7 'NoDo' update begins staggered roll out to handsets
Originally referred to as the 'January update' within the walls of Microsoft's HQ, the first major refresh to Windows Phone 7 – now dubbed 'NoDo' – finally appears to be making it's way out to handsets across the globe.

There's no guarantee, however, that the majority of owners will receive their update any time soon, with some reports suggesting it could be weeks before it hits certain devices.

Update on the update

The first phones to have received the update – which brings copy and paste functionality, as well as faster loading apps and a refreshed Windows Phone Marketplace – are what Microsoft describe as 'open market phone customers', specifically in Europe.

Indeed, it's reportedly consumers who own operator branded handsets on the other side of the Atlantic that may have to wait several weeks before it's pushed out to them. claims that Canadian carrier Telus has already informed its customers that the earliest date they can expect to receive the update is March 29, while AT&T devices are reportedly also set for a delay.

There's been no word on any specific dates for operators in the UK, though if the platform's first minor update is any indicator, it's likely NoDo's roll out will run well into April.

Full details on what's included in NoDo can be found on Microsoft's website.


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