Glu and HandyGames are the biggest early supporters of Amazon Appstore for Android

EA Mobile and Gameloft seem unconvinced

Glu and HandyGames are the biggest early supporters of Amazon Appstore for Android
It's early days for Amazon's Appstore for Android, but already there are some interesting trends emerging.

One to note is the speed at which publishers and developers have, or have not, embraced the new platform.

Of the current three big western publishers, only Glu Mobile has kicked into action. It has the most releases of any games company with 20 titles available, although this total includes some free versions.

In comparison, Gameloft has only tested the waters with two games - UNO and Asphalt. Of course, it has its own dedicated Android sales operation. 

EA Mobile appears to have ignored the entire launch, to-date releasing zero titles.

Early birds

Among other larger publishers, Korean outfit Gamevil has piled into Amazon with six games, all paid, including its Baseball Superstars and Zenonia franchises. Another company which has demonstrated longterm support for Android is Namco Bandai. It has five games out. Again, these are all paid and include well known IP such as Crush the Castle, Flight Control and Harvest Moon.

Thanks to its Angry Birds line-up Rovio has five games available, and Russia publisher HeroCraft is also sitting pretty with seven releases. Freemium outfits TeamLava and Backflip have been testing the waters with three and two titles respectively.

There are two less well-known companies that have demonstrated the most surprising enthusiasm however. German publisher HandyGames has already released 16 games, while Android specialist Camel Games has 15 games available, including Skee-Ball clone Roller in the paid top 10.

You can view the Amazon Appstore for Android here.
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