OpenFeint adds support for 215 Android games in past 6 months

14 new games hit in March

OpenFeint adds support for 215 Android games in past 6 months
Having added 215 new titles to its game network on Android in the last six months alone, few would begrudge OpenFeint its current swagger.

In all, March saw a total 14 new OpenFeint enabled games hit Google's platform – releases from Glu, Feelingtouch, Hyperbees, GameResort and 2 Infinite Dreams, amongst others, all on board – bringing its cumulative tally to 315.

Partner power

The company believes its partnership with The9 – which resulted in the launch of a $100 million strong fund to help studios port iOS games to Android back in early March – has pushed the reach of its network forward in recent weeks.

OpenFeint isn't claiming all the credit for its success, however, citing a growing interest in Android as a gaming platform as a whole as a major contributing factor.

"At first, indie game developers chose iOS because it was the easiest way to distribute their games," said VP of marketing Eros Resmini. 

"As Google has improved the Android Marketplace and we've introduced game discovery and porting opportunities with AT&T and The9, iOS developers are more and more interested in Android."

Going global

In total, OpenFeint now boasts 73 million users across the globe, with CEO Jason Citron claiming its the multiplatform nature of its network that appeals to consumers.

"At the end of the day, I should be able to destroy my brother's high score in Fruit Ninja, whether I’m on my iPad or Droid X," said Citron.

"Gamers and developers agree and want to use OpenFeint for this reason."

North America currently represents its largest audience, though the network is also "rapidly growing its presence" in Asia.

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