Class action filed against Apple over the unauthorised purchase of in-app items by children

Garen Meguerian wants his $200 back and compensation

Class action filed against Apple over the unauthorised purchase of in-app items by children
As seagulls follow trawlers so class actions follow headlines.

It's little surprise then that a class action has been filed concerning what became known as the Smurfs' Village affair, in which parents complained to Apple, Capcom and the press about their children making large unauthorised and accidental purchases of in-app currency such as Smurfberries.

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This situation has now come to a head with Garen Meguerian of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, filing suit in US District Court in the Northern District of California on April 11.

He's complaining his 9 year-old daughter bought around $200 of in-app purchases from Capcom's Zombie Cafe, and TeamLava's Treasure Story and City Story games without his knowledge.

Since the original controversy arose, Apple has changed the process of buying IAP, requiring the separate entry of your iTunes password as an additional safety measure.

The case says this isn't sufficient.

"Because the passwords now required for purchases of Game Currency are the same passwords required for any Apple purchase, minors aware of such password may purchase Game Currency without authorisation from their parents for that purchase," it reads.

According to AppleInsider, other games mentioned are Capcom's Smurfs' Village, TeamLava's Bakery Story, Pocket Gems' Tap Zoo, Bayview Labs' Tap Fish, Rashid Nasibulin's Glass Tower, and Sunstorm Interactive's Cake Maker and Sundae Maker.

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