Capcom sets up second key business unit Beeline to target social mobile games

Rebrands US operation, set up new Asian outfit

Capcom sets up second key business unit Beeline to target social mobile games
Though its implementation of in-app purchases might have courted controversy, Capcom has enjoyed an undeniable amount of success and cash since it made social smartphone development a priority in 2010.

In particular, the company has made significant inroads on the North American and European markets with key mobile releases – Zombie Cafe, Lil' Pirates and Smurfs' Village collectively amassing downloads of more than 15 million.

Indeed, it's made so much money the company is now setting up what it calls "a second brand for the development and distribution of original mobile content outside of the company's celebrated intellectual property." 

Significantly, the new venture – called Beeline Interactive – won't bear the Capcom name.

Second string

Instead Capcom will rebrand its US and Canadian Capcom Interactive operations as Beeline Interactive USA and Canada, also setting up a new Asia outfit. 

"The market for video games has undergone dramatic changes in recent years," the company said in a statement.

"The pace of change has been particularly fast in the mobile game market. Advances in the performance of cell phones along with the emergence of social networking services have attracted users in all areas of the world who had never before played a video game."

Capcom believes the key to achieving the level of growth required is to focus specifically on the mobile social market.

Making a Beeline for success

One major target for Beeline will be targeting Asian markets.

But this is no token gesture – Beeline's long term aim is to give Capcom a solid, second revenue stream, and a major hand in the smartphone market of equal priority to its existing, traditional console and PC gaming business.

"The content and target markets of these overseas social games, distributed mainly by subsidiaries in Europe and North America, are very different from Capcom's conventional video game operations," the company added.

"As a result, the overseas social game business must be differentiated from the Capcom brand. Capcom believes that this brand will help better appeal to the desired target market and help maximise the earnings of the entire Capcom Group."

[source: Capcom]

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