Eliminating incentivised installs is great for iOS ecosystem says MdotM's Rodney Witcher

Install model shouldn't be about gaming the App Store

Eliminating incentivised installs is great for iOS ecosystem says MdotM's Rodney Witcher
The fall out from Apple's decision to start rejecting updates to games using app incentivisation systems such as Tapjoy's continues to fascinate.

One company operating in the same paid install space, but not using the same method, is US outfit MdotM.

Its business development director Rodney Witcher says he's pleased with the changes Apple has made.

"Eliminating incentivised installs is great for the ecosystem," he argues.

"Incentivised pay-per-install, which has from the beginning been 100 percent about gaming the App Store rankings, is unhealthy."

For love, not money

This view is based on the company's business model, which uses installs generated by people clicking on in-game advertising banners, without any incentives being offered.

"Banner pay-per-installs is about finding quality users who click on a banner because they're interested in the content," says Witcher.

"This change means freemium developers who have done very well with incentivised pay-per-installs will have to shift to banner installs, which is great for platforms like MdotM that excel at delivering real users who will do in-app purchases.

"Banner CPMs will go up for all, margins for freemium game developers will go down a little, users will do more in-app purchases, and users will see non-gamed [App Store] rankings.

"We thank Apple for making this change and are looking forward to working with developers to drive quality users to their applications."
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