GREE, KDDI and Tencent launch $100 million Android development fund

The A-Fund needs you

GREE, KDDI and Tencent launch $100 million Android development fund
It's all go with Japanese social mobile games platform GREE.

As well as buying OpenFeint, it's just announced a $100 million fund - called the A-Fund - that's focused on start ups developing apps and services that take advantage of Android's rapid growth.

In addition to GREE, the fund has been created with anchor cash from Japan's second biggest mobile operator KDDI and Chinese online company Tencent, which will also provide technical support.

The fund will be managed by venture capital firm DCM, which will provide the majority of the capital, business expertise and business development.

It's open to startups and developers from around the world, at any stage and size

Unleash your hidden robot

"There is an amazing array of ideas and talent waiting to be unleashed," said Yoshikazu Tanaka, GREE's founder and CEO.

"The A-Fund will give start-ups the ability to take advantage of Android's inherent international potential, and access to top investors and strategic partners across the world."

The goal with the fund is to create a network of Android-focused start ups and provide access to resources, relationships and business opportunities.

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