Appia launches pay-per-download mobile ad network across 200 countries

Claims to guarantee return on interest

Appia launches pay-per-download mobile ad network across 200 countries
Having recent bedded down its white label app store - which powers 40 app store around the world - with a $10 million strong funding round, Appia is to move into a whole new area: mobile advertising.

The firm's new network claims it will guarantee developers who wish to promote their wares a return on interest, handing them a pay-per-download system design to lessen their output and increase the take-up of their titles.

Downloads and discoverability

"While developers scramble to figure out discoverability in light of new policies within Apple's App Store and Google’s Android Marketplace, we are providing new options for developers to market and promote their apps and only pay for results," said Appia CEO Jud Bowman.

"Our performance-based advertising network gives developers a powerful way to directly influence the placement and traffic of their apps, leading to greater discoverability and increased downloads."

Appia states developers will be able to target their campaigns at specific regions and platforms, with the network supporting iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, webOS and Symbian.

Network nous

It's performance related nature means those who advertise on the network will only have to pay when the ads in question lead to actual downloads of their titles.

The ad platform will also hand studios the opportunity to push their games across Appia's distribution network, which is currently delivering 22 million downloads a month.

Reaching more than 200 million subscribers across 200 countries, Appia says its ad network will be directly integrated into its existing developer program.

Dvelopers looking to sign up can find more info on Appia's website.

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