GetJar acquires app recommendation firm Infrinity

Will improve app discovery and app store usability

GetJar acquires app recommendation firm Infrinity
Accelerated by the recently secured $25 million funding round, the world’s largest open app store GetJar has acquired discovery technology firm Infrinity and its management.

At its core, Infrinity’s platform creates pathways - through inference, friends, and family - for app developers to identify the best set of users for their software and vice versa.

Having already integrated Facebook Connect into its mobile site to foster community endorsement and engagement, GetJar will look to enhance that experience via Infrinity’s sophisticated recommendation engine.

Overwhelming situation

"With hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, the app store experience can be very overwhelming for consumers," Ilja Laurs, GetJar CEO, said.

"With Anand’s leadership and the technology of Infrinity, GetJar will make noticeable advancements to its app store usability and improve app discovery."

As a result of the acquisition, Infrinity’s founder Anand Venkataraman will assume the position of vice president of discovery technologies for GetJar.

Discover the truth

With its inaugural App Meter Survey revealing that only 21.6 percent of app consumers discover titles direct from app stores, GetJar has recognised the existing deficiencies in its model and sought a solution promptly.

"Mobile app discovery continues to be one of the biggest problems in the evolving mobile applications market,"Venkataraman said.

"GetJar’s use of Infrinity’s technology will provide new features that improve discovery to a critical number of publishers worldwide, continuing Infrinity’s goal of making discovery a two-way street."

[source: GetJar]

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