Big Fish basks in the success of its 99c App Store Mother's Day promotion

15 iPad games in the top 25 rankings

Big Fish basks in the success of its 99c App Store Mother's Day promotion
A measure of its power as a casual gaming brand, combined with a surprising lack of rival App Store sales, Big Fish Games' US Mother's Day weekend sale has proven to be a big success.

All of its releases were available for 59p, 99c, €0.79, with the publisher gaining 15 of the top 25 paid US iPad game slots, including the #1 paid all apps spot for the internally developed Drawn.

In addition, 11 of Big Fish Games' iPhone games ranked in the top 100 paid iPhone games and all but one of the company's 18 iPhone games ranked among the top 200 paid iPhone games.

From mom to you

"For more than nine years, moms worldwide have come to trust our brand and love our immersive, relaxing interactive entertainment on the PC and Mac," commented Jeremy Lewis, president and CEO of Big Fish Games.

"With mobile we are seeing the rest of the family - kids, grandparents - embrace Big Fish Games as their own and join in on the fun. We're seeing this audience expansion dynamic occur across every region of the world in which we operate. Mobile is a natural extension to just about everything we do."
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