Amazon rumoured to readying Nvidia-powered tablets for 2011 debut

Dual-core 'Coyote' and quad-core 'Hollywood' specced

Amazon rumoured to readying Nvidia-powered tablets for 2011 debut
While the majority of chatter around tablets tends to focus on either smartphone or PC manufacturers entering the market, Amazon's position as an online retailer would make it an interesting debutant.

Amazon, of course, has enjoyed much success with Kindle, and recently launched its Android Appstore, but the possibility of the eReader market being eroded by iPad and co. remains ever present.

As such, the rumour that two Nvidia-powered Android devices are in development at the firm requires some consideration.

Two little toys

The first, reportedly codenamed 'Coyote', is being pitched as an entry-level tablet that will come equipped with Nvidia's dual-core Tegra 2 processor.

The second is the more meaty offering of the two.

Based on Nvidia's forthcoming quad-core T30 'Kael-El' chip - and packing a double performance boost over Tegra 2 - the 'Hollywood' would be a cutting-edge release, but will reportedly hit Amazon's online shelves along with Coyote before the end of the year.

Of course, with no official confirmation from Amazon, further details - such as screen sizes or other hardware functionality - remain speculative.

[source: BGR]

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