US DVD rental firm Redbox signs up to Tap.Me's mobile ad platform

Prioritising content and rewards over interruption

US DVD rental firm Redbox signs up to Tap.Me's mobile ad platform
Having recently secured funding from Rockfish Brand Ventures (the newly formed VC arm of digital innovation specialist Rockfish), Chicago-based start up Tap.Me has already generated interest in its mobile ad solution.

Tap.Me's iOS in-game advertising platform – showcased at GDC 2011 - encourages brands to "add value to their games" by converting gaming achievements into real-world rewards without disrupting the gameplay.

The first brand to sign up for Tap.Me's innovative 'gameification' of advertising is US DVD rental specialist Redbox, which is launching video game rentals at its more than 21,000 kiosks nationwide on June 17th.

Touch and Tap(.Me)

"Through our iPhone and Android apps and an expansive SMS list, Redbox now has more than 6.2 million touch points with our consumers via their mobile devices," Gary Cohen, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Redbox, said.

"Adding a mobile gaming component via the Tap.Me platform is a natural extension of our marketing strategy. It allows us to generate brand awareness with gamers where they’re already playing, without interrupting their experience."

Players of Tap.Me’s growing catalogue of iPhone and iPad games, which includes Kitten Cannon, Retro Revolution 2, and Charmed, will be presented with instantaneous Redbox 'power up' offers upon achieving a specified goal.

And in future, Redbox customers will have the option to share their branded achievements with friends over social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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