Lodsys reportedly targeting Android developers over IAP patent

Ticking off the cheque-list

Lodsys reportedly targeting Android developers over IAP patent
As heroic as Apple's response to the threat of legal action against iOS developers by Lodsys was, it naturally only pertained to studios working within its own ecosystem.

As a result, it's not surprising to hear the first Android developers piping up to claim they've now been targeted by the firm.


The issue, again, relates to an alleged infringement of the company's in-app purchase (IAP) patent.

Onto the next

"We recently implemented in-app purchases for our Android application and several weeks later we received a letter from Lodsys, claiming that we infringed on their patents," says one studio via an Android discussion group.

"Has Google given direction to any developers that have been hit by this? We are obviously a small shop and are not financially capable of defending ourselves over a litigation."

If true, the move is not altogether surprising.

During its initial response to criticism it received following threats of legal action against iOS developers, Lodsys didn't rule out taking action against Android developers.

The paying game

The firm's stance is, while Apple, Google and Microsoft are licensed to use its patent (which reportedly relates to 'upgrade buttons' used in the IAP process), they don't have the power to extend that license to developers.

As a result, Lodsys is asking developers to pay 0.575 percent of all US IAP revenue, or face action in court.

Apple threw out the company's argument in its official response, claiming that "Apple App Makers are protected by that license".

Presumably, any response from Google will follow a similar line, though Google is yet to make its position public.

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