Blue Ox's 7 Little Words hits 1.4 million downloads in just over a month

Makes it to #3 in US as a result

Blue Ox's 7 Little Words hits 1.4 million downloads in just over a month
Developers may dream of scoring that first, big hit, but when it comes to long term survival, being able to follow up any success with another, preferably bigger, release is key.

Blue Ox Technologies originally adorned these pages back in 2009 as part of a six developer strong marketing experiment to push a group of word based games on the App Store.

As a result, the firm's release Moxie saw a spike in downloads, with the game's current tally sitting at the half a million mark.

Things have gotten even better for the developer of late, however, with the firm announcing that it's latest release has done almost three times that amount in little over a month.

Little Words, big downloads

According to the latest figures, word puzzler 7 Little Words has clocked up more than 1.4 million downloads since launching on May 5.

In the process, it's topped the free app rankings on the App Store in Australia, and made it as high as third spot in the US.

"I knew 7 Little Words was a good game when I tried it out on my brother and he couldn't put it down," Christopher York of Blue Ox told us.

"But I never had any idea the game would gain such a huge enthusiastic following so fast. There's even a 4th grade classroom in Chicago that's using the game a basis for their class project."

Next steps

Rather than site back and enjoy his success, however, York says he has plans to further expand 7 Little Words' base.

"The largest single download day was Sunday, May 29, which was Memorial Day weekend in the US," he added.

"7 Little Words was the #3 free app overall on that day and got over 164,000 downloads.

"For now I've hired contractors to help with developing new level packs and I'm getting ready to launch a French version, 7 Petits Mots, with a Spanish language version to follow."

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