Video and images of Nokia's first Windows Phone leak onto web

N9 gains a close relative with 'See Ray'

Video and images of Nokia's first Windows Phone leak onto web
It will be interesting to note whether the leak of images and a video of Nokia's first Windows Phone device manages to generate more hype than the official unveiling of the MeeGo-powered N9.

Indeed, given CEO Stephen Elop pleaded with his audience not to leak any details regarding the handset before promptly dangling it in front of their faces, that's a battle Nokia itself may well be paying attention to.

Either way, said leak comes courtesy of Hungarian tech site, with the phone itself looking rather similar to the N9 in terms of size and design.

No pictures please

"This is something that is super confidential and we do not want to see out in the blogosphere," Elop stated, before placing the device in front of a projector.

"We think it's important for all of you to understand how this innovation lives on, and how well we as a company are today executing."

See Ray is believing

Little else is known about the device, other than it's equipped with Mango – the next version of Windows Phone – and sports the same Gorilla glass display as the N9.

The quick shot of the back also suggests it may well come with the same 8MP Carl Zeiss lens camera, too.

Engadget also adds that the handset is currently running under the code name of 'See Ray', though whether that's a moniker that will make it to retail seems unliikely.

Elop has previously confirmed Nokia's first Windows Phone will launch first in Europe, before the end of 2011.

[source: Engadget]

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