Apple adopts 7 day refund policy for App Store titles in Taiwan

Bows to Taipei City order, while rival Google is fined

Apple adopts 7 day refund policy for App Store titles in Taiwan
At the start of June, officials in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei City ordered both Apple and Google to implement a seven day trial periods for apps sold on their respective marketplaces.

Reports from within the country stated law and regulation commission director Yeh Ching-yuan had claimed both companies were guilty of operating "an irresponsible business practice", and needed to comply with Taiwan's consumer protection act or face a fine.

With the allotted 15 days response time over, it appears Apple has bent to the director's will and is now offering refunds for up to seven days after an app is purchased.

Google, however, is not.

Fine, and not so fine

According to the Economic Times, Google has been fined a total of $34,600 for breaching the act, with the company holding its worldwide policy of offering consumers 15 minutes for a refund.

"Google refused to change its rules," Government consumer protection head Betty Chen told the site, branding the firm's decision as "unfriendly".

In comparison, Chen claims Apple has changed its rules, though naturally said refunds are only available for Taiwanese consumers.

It's not clear how said refunds are implemented, though Chen did add that rival Google is not off the hook yet.

US officials are reportedly set to make the trip to Taiwan to discuss the company's violation of the island's law, with further fines on the cards as a result.

[source: Economic Times]

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