Social mobile network Star Arcade does 5 million downloads

Bringing freemium to emerging markets

Social mobile network Star Arcade does 5 million downloads
Finland-based mobile social gaming network Star Arcade has announced its games have been downloaded more than 5 million times across 180 countries.

Focused on emerging markets such as India, South America, Far East and Africa, Star Arcade's freemium and ad-supported games are distributed via channels such as the Nokia Store, Android Market, GetJar, Mobango, Djuzz and Apple App Store.

Supported platforms include iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

All phones, everywhere

"We are delighted to cross the five million game downloads milestone within such a short time frame purely from word of mouth marketing and recommendations from our customers," said CEO Harri Myllyla.

"Star Arcade games are simple to understand, highly entertaining and extremely addictive which creates a very compelling proposition for social gamers who want to play games from any device."

The company will soon launch onto Facebook, enabling web-based gamers to play against other Facebook users or players on mobile.

[source: Star Arcade (PDF)]
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