GDCE 2011: We want to help Unity devs make $20,000+ of extra revenue per platform says Union's Bruning

#gdce Has five new deals in the works

GDCE 2011: We want to help Unity devs make $20,000+ of extra revenue per platform says Union's Bruning
It launched with content for Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play handset but that's only the start for Union, according to Brian Bruning, who heads up the aggregation business program at Unity.

The company has already announced it will be bring 30 Unity-developed titles to BlackBerry PlayBook via Union, with the first five games due to be launched in the next couple of weeks.

"RIM needed better games and content, and that's why it came to us," Bruning explained.

"We have a good feeling the games on PlayBook will sell well because the market has been starved of content."

Fill her up

And there's plenty more on the way.

Two set top boxes (one already out, one to be released) will be supported with between 12- 20 titles, as well as a handset manufacturer which will be launching Union games on new smartphones and tablets.

"There are also two more deals which are 90 percent completed that will include 12 - 20 games," Bruning revealed.

Still, he was keen to burst some myths about the program.

"This isn't traditional publishing. It's not core revenue for developers," he said.

"It's about making more money with already successful Unity-based games that have usually already been released on iOS or Android.

"I hope to be working with games for which we can make $20,000+ of revenue per platform."

Another hero

In terms of how the program works, developers gain 80 percent of net revenue (what Unity gets from app store sales/pre-loads etc minus any title-specific porting costs).

But as Union establishes itself, one of the biggest issues is having a good range of games available.

"I really don't need another zombie shooter game, but I would like a poker game to offer a balance catalog," Bruning said.
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