Dusseldorf court overrules Galaxy Tab 10.1 EU injunction

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Dusseldorf court overrules Galaxy Tab 10.1 EU injunction
The injunction placed upon Samsung, restricting the company from selling its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all European territories except Holland, has been lifted by a court in Dusseldorf.

The original injunction was granted to Apple after it accused Samsung of violating patent law and stealing its community designs for its iPad 2 tablet.

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Amid the patent lawsuit were accusations of falsifying evidence on the part of Apple, which allegedly doctored an image of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to make it look more like an iPad 2.

The injunction was overturned as Samsung complained that the European court has no right to issue injunctions on its Korea-based parent company. The injunction is still in place on Samsung’s German subsidiary.

Samsung's full appeal against the ruling will be heard on August 25th, whilst a separate hearing is due to take place in the Netherlands on September 15th. 

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