Glam Media launches its iAd competitor - GlamMobile premium ad platform

Encouraging top advertisers to go mobile

Glam Media launches its iAd competitor - GlamMobile premium ad platform
Positioning itself as a direct competitor to Apple's iAd, Glam Media certainly doesn't lack ambition when it comes to its GlamMobile network.

The company, which claims to be the number one vertical social content platform with the largest online global reach for women, has launched the premium network to attract key brand advertisers to the mobile space, both via web and in-app.

With 90 million monthly unique visitors in the US, and 200 million globally, the network will launch with 75 sites optimised for its rich media, video and social ad units.

In order to encourage advertisers - Lexus is already signed up - GlamMobile allows them to use the same creative content across desktop and mobile.

The adverts themselves are handled via the company's ad-serving GlamAdapt platform, which takes advantage of targetting features such as geo-location. More than 80 percent of all ads already served through GlamAdapt are rich media ads.

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Publishers can create optimised versions of their websites for any HTML5-compatible browser ( iOS, Android, Windows Phone and webOS), as well as native apps for iOS and Android using the automated GlamEnable technology.

"With the introduction of GlamMobile, marketers can more effectively deliver super premium ads that are highly engaging to the right audience at the right time," said Samir Arora, Glam Media's CEO.

"Mobile is a powerful medium and the future of digital brand advertising is the ability to run deeply integrated and social campaigns across desktop and mobile."

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