Android monetisation rates nearing that of iOS, claims DeNA studio Gameview

Tap Fish tops 5 million on Google's OS

Android monetisation rates nearing that of iOS, claims DeNA studio Gameview
Hidden amongst news of the success Gameview's Tap Fish is enjoying with Android's 'live wallpaper' feature is an encouraging sign for studios considering making a move on Google's platform.

According to numbers compiled by the DeNA studio, app monetisation on Android is on the rise, with the platform's average revenue per user rate drawing close to that of iOS.

Monetisation myths

Gameview claims it is in a "unique position" to monitor the performance of both platforms, owing to the "massive scale" Tap Fish has reached on the two different operating systems.

"Many developers complain that Android only monetises at a small fraction of their games on iOS, but that’s not what we see," said Gameview co-founder Riz Virk.

"Our Android games monetise almost on par with our iOS games, and as we focus on building out cool new features like live wallpaper, we expect usage, engagement and revenues on the Android platform to continue to climb."

Fishy business

Its features like live wallpaper, Virk contests, that is helping to narrow the gap between Android and iOS.

In the case of Tap Fish, the feature allows users to view their fish tank in the background of their phone's home screen without having to launch the game itself.

The day after the feature was added to Tap Fish's roster, the game hit the top spot in the live wallpaper charts.

"Android as a platform is chock full of really innovative features for developers to integrate into their apps, and live wallpaper is a perfect example," added Virk.

In all, Tap Fish has enjoyed 5 million installs to date and boasts 2 million monthly active users (MAUs). The firm also claims many of those users play 10-15 separate sessions on the game a day.

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