Multiplayer cross-platform toolset Game Closure closes seed funding

Seven investors stump up undisclosed sum

Multiplayer cross-platform toolset Game Closure closes seed funding
Evidence of the interest in Game Closure's cross-platform SDK can be found in the number of investors the firm has been able to source for its seed funding round.

Though the total amount raised is not known, seven different investors – including SV Angel, Charles River Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Greylock Partners and General Catalyst Patrners - have backed the firm as it looks to turn its HTML5-based environment into an industry standard.

Russian investor Yuri Milner – who has previously backed Zynga – and former DeNA board member Joi Ito were also key figures in the round.

Spartan spur

Game Closure looks to offer fully functional multiplayer tech that spans platforms, including iOS, Android and Facebook. Developers are able to write games in JavaScript that utilise standard HTML5 APIs.

The game that results can then be run in any HTML5-equipped web browser, enabling studios to write just one batch of code that can be deployed across all three platforms.

Interest in the firm has also been spurred by continuing rumours surrounding Facebook's Project Spartan, expected to be announced during the F8 conference on September 22.

The social network's HTML5-based platform – apparently being developed with Apple's input – will reportedly deliver a browser-based marketplace, initially for iOS only. A platform like Game Closure, therefore, would appear the perfect fit, enabling developers to target the store with multiplayer equipped from day one.

According to TechCrunch, co-founder and CEO Michael Carter has said the firm's SDK can be built into a game in under two weeks, allowing studios to back all devices at once rather than involving themselves in the "platform wars".

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