Foxconn making 20 million iPad 2s in Q3 2011, up 60% from Q2

Breaking previous sales records

Foxconn making 20 million iPad 2s in Q3 2011, up 60% from Q2
The rest of the tablet market is in disarray, but rumours abound that Apple’s China-based manufacturing partner Foxconn is expecting to make 20 million iPad 2 units in the third quarter of the year.

This staggering amount would take Apple way past its previous sales records and would represent a 60 percent rise in sequential growth shipments.

For the record, Apple sold 9.25 million units in its past fiscal quarter.

It’s also worth noting that when iPad 2 launched earlier this year demand overshot supply, a problem Apple and Foxconn are keen to avoid this time around.

In contrast, HP's much admired TouchPad/webOS division is open for reasonable bids, while Google's many Android tablets are still scrabbling to find market share. 

[source: DigiTimes]

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