Antix's mobile and web Game Player is now available for MStar's connected TV platform

It's in the box

Antix's mobile and web Game Player is now available for MStar's connected TV platform
Having spend much of the latter half of 2010 setting up deals to bring its multi-platform Game Player to different types of hardware, UK company Antix is now seeing the fruits of that labour.

It's just announced that its tech is now available in Taiwanese company MStar Semiconductor's latest single chip TV platform.

This means that the Antix Game Player will be available for companies to licence from high end TVs and set top boxes to the entry level TVs.

The player also enables game makers to create 2D and 3D content that plays on mobile devices, PCs and TVs using the same binary file, offering a range of distribution and monetisation opportunities.

Games, everywhere

"Integrating games on a TV has historically been model-specific, which developers have found impractical," said Trevor Neal, MStar's veep.

"The combination of MStar's very high performance TV solution with Antix's Game Player platform and service has changed the dynamics, making it economically viable for developers to target TVs in large volume,"

"Running the Antix Game Player on the MStar TV SoC opens the door for TV makers to add serious game capability to their TV," added Antix's CEO Francis Charig.

"This will be particularly interesting in small screen TVs used in teenagers bedrooms where the TV is a 1-to-1 experience and games of this quality truly add value to the TV."

[source: Antix]
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