Blackberry App World updated to version 3.0

Streamlined app browsing

Blackberry App World updated to version 3.0
With a sleek new design that aims to improve the user experience, RIM has released Blackberry App World 3.0 for smartphones running its BlackBerry 7 OS.

Content browsing has been streamlined through the introduction of Channels. These will act as categories for apps, games and themes, making searching for content much smoother.

There's also a new option to have a My Account button on user's home screens, by which they will be able to access all BBID, payment and account information.

The new My World feature enables users to instantly view and access subscription management options. The new App Social Sharing option also allows users to share apps through Facebook, Twitter, BBM, email and SMS.

Finally, app search options have been updated with more filters including App Name, Price, Rating, Newest, Best Match, and Popular.

RIM will be hoping the update will boost the three million apps downloaded per day from the store. 

[source: Blackberry]

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