Apple attempts to force Samsung devices out of Japan in patent infringement case

Galaxy S and S II, Galaxy Tab 7 targeted

Apple attempts to force Samsung devices out of Japan in patent infringement case
Apple has taken steps to pull Samsung phones and tablets out of the Japanese market as part of its ongoing, ever growing, list of patent infringement battles with the Korean company.

Reuters reports that sources close to the matter have revealed that Apple is specifically targeting the cease of sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S and S II smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 7.


Samsung’s Galaxy S certainly had a strong foothold in Japan, outselling Apple’s iPhone between January to March, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

Still, NTT DoCoMo, the largest Japanese carrier, didn’t seem to be phased by the prospect of legal wrangling when it released Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 on its high-speed LTE network last week.

"We have heard from Samsung that it's all right. At this point we don't think it will harm our sales," said NTT DoCoMo President Ryuji Yamada.

Head to head

Apple successfully had Samsung pull its Galaxy Tab 7.7 from the IFA consumer show in Germany last week, while a Dussledorf court had previously overruled an injunction banning the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe.

There has also been some dramatic intrigue in the patent mix, with rumours that Apple falsified evidence in order to make its European claims against Samsung in the first place.

[source: Reuters]

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