PopCap adds IAP to iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies

Nine mini-games for $2.97

PopCap adds IAP to iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies
No doubt, following the example of Epic's Infinity Blade, which has generated around a third of its revenue from IAP, PopCap has added the model to the iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies.

It's combined with a content update that brings nine mini-games from the original PC/Mac edition of the game.

These are accessed via Crazy Dave’s Store in three packs, each containing three mini-games.

Pay or play

You can buy them using coins gained during gameplay or by tending the Zen Garden. Alternatively, of course, you can just drop cash into the slot marked buy now, getting each pack for 99c, €0.79 or 69p.

The update will also include more Game Center achievements to accompany the new mini-games, and new micro-game Race to China.
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