Exent brings its GameTanium Android gaming service to Vestel's Smart Box set top boxes

All-you-can-eat in the living room

Exent brings its GameTanium Android gaming service to Vestel's Smart Box set top boxes
With the TV-oriented IBC conference kicking off in Amsterdam tomorrow, there's been plenty of news from mobile technology providers such as Marmalade and Antix.

Content aggregator Exent is highlighting a more direct convergence however. It's linked up with set top box company Vestel to offer its all-you-can-eat smartphone and tablet GameTanium Android gaming service in the living room.

It will be available on the Vestel Smart Box family, which sees the company migrating from Linux to Android, hence enabling the hook up.


In terms of what content is provided, Exent will be curating games that are optimised for TV, with controls such touch, drag and accelerometer modified for the new medium.

There's no mention of the cost of the service yet, which is available, priced $5 a month via some US carriers. Exent currently has over a hundred mobile games, including Nickelodeon titles, available, but hopes to increase this to 2,000 by the end of 2011.

"With the flexibility of the GameTanium platform and Exent's years of experience with content programming and distribution, Exent was the clear choice to power our Games on Demand offering for operators," said Hakan Kutlu, Vestel's deputy general manager for marketing.

"By integrating GameTanium within our entertainment offerings, we are thrilled to be the first to bring the best of Android gaming to TVs worldwide."

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