GREE looks for US push as social giant picks Duncan/Channon to head first ad campaign

Japanese firm ready for the US market

GREE looks for US push as social giant picks Duncan/Channon to head first ad campaign
American advertising firm Duncan/Channon has been chosen by GREE to launch its first advertising drive in the US.

The mobile social giant is the third new business taken on by Duncan/Channon in the last six weeks, and has been set the heady task of expanding the outfit's audience beyond Asia and firmly into the American market.

Ready for launch

"Duncan/Channon is the perfect partner to help launch the GREE brand here," said Sho Masuda, VP at GREE International.

"We were impressed by their strategic thinking, their creative, their deep knowledge of our audience and their enthusiasm. We are ready to fully establish ourselves in the US market."

GREE's intentions to make its mark in the US are well documented, having recently announced plans to further integrate its $104 million purchase OpenFeint - typically strong in the west - into its business.

Such aspirations were made public following the departure of former OpenFeint CEO and co-founder Jason Citron left the company. Adding to the ins and outs, OpenFeint has also appointed ex-IUGO and Glu Mobile exec Sarah Thomson as director of developer relations.

In all, GREE is looking to become the world's number one social gaming network, with a target of 1 billion users across the globe.

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