EA announces marketing data aggregation platform EA Legend

To be presented in NYC on October 4

EA announces marketing data aggregation platform EA Legend
Electronic Arts has teamed up with nPario in order to power its new marketing data aggregation program, dubbed EA Legend.

The program will be tasked with providing industry marketers with mobile, social, online and console game audience data, from over 300 million EA gamers worldwide.

Its main focus will be on sifting through metrics, brand impact, social buzz, ad effectiveness, and ROI data across all of EA's product range.

It will reveal the technology at the New York-based Advertising Week event, held on October 4.

Legendary ads

"EA increased its worldwide audience reach by 30 percent this year across its mobile, social, online and console products. Combining that major jump in reach with the launch of EA Legend puts us in perfect position to compete directly for ad dollars that have traditionally gone to TV," said Dave Madden, senior veep at Electronic Arts.

"EA Legend gives us an edge by providing marketers with actionable insights across all of our platforms and a complete view into how their campaigns are driving engagement with consumers."

EA expect advertisers to benefit from performance indicators such as impressions, clicks, unduplicated reach, demographic profiles and social media buzz. As well as segmented audience insights based on demographic, psychographic, and social data.

Campaign effectiveness is something that EA also hopes to address with EA Legend.

"EA and nPario's collaboration around EA Legend revolutionises how advertisers can leverage their data," said Bassel Ojjeh, CEO of nPario.

"EA has some of the most premium and engaged audiences in the world, and nPario's Data Management Platform allows EA to deliver audience and performance insights across multiple platforms at an infinite scale."


EA explains how ease-of-use is also a factor in its new marketing platform.

"Marketers running ads on Scrabble on the iPhone, ad integrations in The Sims Social on Facebook, and sponsored content within Madden NFL Football on the console would be able to easily login and generate accurate unduplicated reach and campaign metrics across the three platforms," it said in a press release.

"EA Legend empowers marketers giving them the opportunity to understand their EA ad campaigns with unparalleled detail and clarity, through a dynamic and user friendly tool."

[source: EA]

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