Infinity Blade 2 to demonstrate the power of iPhone 4S in December

Infinity Blade: Awakening eBook available now

Infinity Blade 2 to demonstrate the power of iPhone 4S in December
Epic Games and ChAIR have unveiled a first look demo of their latest title Infinity Blade 2 to the select audience of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event.

The title will be arriving exclusively on iOS on December 1 2011 and was used to demonstrate the power of Apple's new iPhone 4S device.

At the event. the overall performance of the device was said to be around double what had gone before, however the graphical performance is said to have been improved seven fold.

Thanks to the dual-core GPU A5 chip, the iPhone 4S is basically an iPad 2 in iPhone clothes. 

Social clash

The game will feature new online game modes including Clash Mob, wherein players will compete against each other for rare in-game items.

A pricing model has yet to be announced.

"Infinity Blade allowed us to demonstrate the true potential of triple-A handheld gaming by delivering mind-blowing graphics and awesome gameplay to millions of mobile users," said Donald Mustard, creative director at ChAIR Entertainment.

"With Infinity Blade 2, we're pushing the boundaries of everything achieved to date and adding a ton of new content and unique new features to create the must-have gaming experience on iOS."

Read into this

An eBook set in the Infinity Blade story world is also available from today, priced at $2.99.

The novella was written by Brandon Sanderson, who famously finished Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Books, and is priced at $2.99 in the iBookstore.

"Infinity Blade is a great game with real narrative depth hiding beneath its shiny graphics, and I was grateful for the opportunity to express this in prose form and illuminate what had been previously hinted at in the game," he said.

"I've really enjoyed working with ChAIR to produce something fresh and new that really adds to the experience of Infinity Blade and hopefully changes the view of gaming fiction as a whole."

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